LABOUM released their 3rd mini-album "BLOSSOM" scheduler today (19th)
LABOUM released their 3rd mini-album "BLOSSOM" scheduler today (19th)
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Girl group LABOUM (Soyeon, Jinye, Haein, and Solbin) come back with a new album.
Photo = Interpark Music Plus
Photo = Interpark Music Plus

On the 19th, Interpark Music Plus, the agency, confirmed Laboum's comeback date as November 3, revealing the comeback scheduler of its third mini-album "BLOSSOM," making fans excited.

The released comeback scheduler features the name of the 3rd mini-album "BLOSSOM" and a flower picture against the pink tone background, raising expectations for Laboum's romantic fantasy. In addition, various content opening schedules were listed, which made my heart flutter.

According to the scheduler, Laboum will open individual and group concept photos from the 20th to the 24th to reveal four colors of four people. After that, the tracklist, highlight medley, and music video teaser will be released sequentially to boost the heat of the comeback.

In particular, Laboum's third mini-album "BLOSSOM" is a new album released after returning to a four-member system, and is drawing keen attention from the public as it is the first comeback in about a year since its first full-length album "Two Of Us" and last year's digital single "Cheese."

Marking its seventh anniversary this year, Laboum has created a syndrome of climbing backward with "Adding Imagination" through MSG Wannabe on MBC's "What's the point of playing?" Just as Laboum's "Adding Imagination" presented on Defense TV drew attention as it was called "Gunmin Song," expectations are rising for what charm the upcoming third mini-album "BLOSSOM" will attract the public with.

Laboum, who announced a new start with the comeback news, released his third mini-album "BLOSSOM" at 6 p.m. on November 3rd, and visits fans through showcases and various contents.


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