AOA Seolhyun reviewing her appearance on "Murderer's Shopping List"
AOA Seolhyun reviewing her appearance on "Murderer's Shopping List"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Singer and actress Seol-hyun was proposed to appear on the "Murderer's Shopping List."

An official from FNC Entertainment said to Sports Chosun on the 15th, "Seolhyun has received an offer to appear in tvN's new drama 'Murderer's Shopping List' and is considering positively."

The "Shopping List of Murder" is a drama about neighbors who live with all their might, scary, annoying, funny, good, but know nothing about each other. It is a local face-to-face thriller that deals with various crimes and crises that can occur anytime, anywhere to neighbors, such as child abuse, redevelopment, and stalking between neighbors, centered on a local mart in the center of an old large apartment complex.

Earlier, Seolhyun appeared as the main character Gong Hye-won in tvN's Monday-Tuesday drama Day and Night, which ended on January 19.
In addition, Lee Kwang-soo is reportedly considering appearing as the male protagonist.
Attention is focusing on whether Lee Kwang-soo and Seol-hyun will be able to meet viewers at home with the "Murderer's Shopping List."


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