TWICE new single "Donut" was released in December...It's the first ballad song in Japan
TWICE new single "Donut" was released in December...It's the first ballad song in Japan
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] The group TWICE will release its ninth single in Japan.
Photo = JYP Entertainment
Photo = JYP Entertainment

JYP Entertainment announced on the 18th that TWICE will release its ninth single "Doughnut" in Japan on December 15th.

"Donut" is TWICE's first ballad genre title song in Japan. TWICE, which presents a variety of charms, such as trying to transform its concept for each album and releasing its first English single, will visit fans with a new song featuring a cozy year-end atmosphere and seasonality.

TWICE is gaining global popularity by being listed on major overseas charts with its first English single "The Feels" released on the 1st. "The Fields" ranked 83rd on the U.S. Billboard's main chart "Hot 100" on the 16th, and also entered 80th place on the latest British official single chart, drawing attention. In addition to the fifth place in Billboard's "Digital Song Sales," the "Billboard Global (excluding the U.S.)" and "Billboard Global 200" charts, they ranked 10th and 12th, respectively, setting their own best records. It also topped the popular song chart on YouTube in Japan (2021.10.01~10.07) and the popular music video chart (2021.10.01~2021.10.07) and proved its high popularity.

Earlier, TWICE topped the Xuocon Daily Album Chart on July 28 with its third full Japanese album "Perfect World" released in July this year. TWICE, which achieved its first 100 million streams on Billboard Japan with its eighth mini album title song Feel Special released in September 2019, once again surpassed 100 million streams on the Billboard Japan chart with its seventh mini-album FANCY YOU released in April 2019.

Meanwhile, TWICE will release its third full album Formula of Love: O+T=<3 on the 12th of next month.


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