[Exclusive interview] Meet D.COY, the next K-Rock band
[Exclusive interview] Meet D.COY, the next K-Rock band
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] 'All five members are unique, but their uniqueness shines in harmony'. It’s the genuine impression I got as I interviewed D.Coy. ‘Brainy’ Hyeokjin, ‘Golden Maknae’ Dosun, ‘D.Coy's interpreter’ Wonshin, ‘Wonder Boy’ Jungmin and last but not least, ‘Shy Guy’ Sungwoo. D.Coy officially debuted on February 19 but they’ve been performing at various events for as many as three years. They may seem shy during interview but on stage, they shine like five jewels on fire. Here’s a guide to anyone who would love to join a journey through D.Coy’s musical galaxy.


About D.COY

Q. How would you describe your band?

Hyeokjin: I’d say ‘a versatile band’. We perform different genres of music and the chemistry among us is just magical.

Jungmin: As a member each of us liked different genres and styles of music. But then, as a band we tried and could pull of various genres of music so in the end the listeners would call as a versatile band. 


Q. Is there any reason why you named the band ‘D.Coy’?

Sungwoo: We didn’t know what name to choose so we made a long list of pretty English words. Decoy was one of them. It means ‘to hunt’ or ‘to trick something’. We loved that name as we would love to use out music as a decoy to get the audience’s affection. It was a unanimous decision.


Q. Why a rock band and not a dance group? Most of K-POP groups nowadays are dance groups.

Sungwoo: I’ve been listening to rock music ever since I was a kid. I’ve wanted to be in a band my entire life. I’m bad at dancing, by the way. Even my tutor said that I’m so bad at dance.

Hyeokjin: I’ve been performing in an indie band for several years before joining this team. I’d say ‘D.Coy is a band made by heaven and of people who’ve been dreaming of becoming a band member’.

Jungmin: I was a trainee before I joined the band. I learned dancing back then.


About Members

Q. When is it that you think 'It's better to perform as a band than all alone'?

Wonshin: When I try a genre of music I wouldn’t try unless you were in a band. It feels as though I get more experience.

Jungmin: The biggest thing I gained while singing was sincerity. I realized that nothing could be done without sincerity.

Actor: I was very shy and unconfident, so I couldn't see the camera well, but the members encouraged me a lot. With confidence I gained responsibility too. Jungmin gives me a lot of feedback.

Jungmin: I take part in producing songs for the team, so I give a lot of feedback.


Q. Let’s talk what you love about your band members.

Wonshin→Hyeokjin: He is smart and has a different perspective. The way he sees thinks helps us a lot.

Hyeokjin→Sungwoo: His voice. We sometimes go to Noraebang to practice and he’s so good at singing, even without vocal training.

Sungwoo→Jungmin: He loves to clean things. I’ve never cleaned or vacuumed or do the laundry since we lived together. When I wake up in the morning the clothes are clean, blankets are all folded and the floor shines.

Jungmin→Dosun: He’s the most energetic member of the band. He’s really outgoing and extroversive.

Dosun→Wonshin: Wonshin is so detailed and manages stuff well. It helps me a lot when we’re performing or writing music.


Q. Okay, let’s move over to ‘What you hate about your members’.

Dosun→Jungmin: He doesn’t take care of himself that well. He’d rather take care of others than of himself. As you say, 'too good a Samaritan'.

Jungmin→Sungwoo: Oh, one hour won’t do. To begin with, he’s the most untidy member of the band. He’d leave traces of the stuffs he used everywhere and ask me their whereabouts. I told him to do the laundry to check if he knows how to… To find out that he doesn’t know where to put the detergent and softener!

Sungwoo: It didn’t matter where you put. The laundry machine does laundry anyway.

Sungwoo→Hyeokjin: He knows that he’s smart all too well. Sometimes his confidence bothers me. He sounds as if he actually wants to say ‘I know better than you, so follow my advice’.

Dosun: When something hurts his ego, he talks about it all day.

Hyeokjin→Wonshin: HE’s such an ice maker! When we are all hyped up he’d show up and say “Nope, this is not that good. Not even close”. ....But his pros outshine the cons. That goes for all of us.

Everyone: But it’s much funnier talking about cons.

About Music

Q. Why did you start music?

Dosun: I’ve loved to outstand ever since I was a kid. That’s why I started music. I played guitar for a while until I saw some of my friends playing guitar. So I moved on to something that was new to me, which was drum. (After looking at Hyeokjin) Of course, Hyeokjin is an amazing guitarist.

Sungwoo: I played bass all my primary school days. Then I got a crush on a girl who said that she loves someone who sings well. That’s when I gave up on bass and started singing.

Jungmin: I was a hapkido player until I got wounded and had to quit. In my dark times I heard asong that really moved me. That’s when I thought I want to be a singer who can move a lot of people.

Wonshin: I thought all the members’ answer would be the same! I watched a live clip of audience singing along Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ and was really moved. I wanted to be just like them.

Hyeokjin: I’m not good at expressing my thoughts so I chose music as my language. Music is kindof my way of communication with the world.


Q. Do you have any song that you want to recommend to your fans?

Wonshin: ‘2002 by Anne-Marie. The atmosphere of the song is a complete opposite of anything gloomy. It lightens up people.

Hyeokjin: I’d like to recommend ‘Goðan Daginn’ by Sigur Ros. I don’t like words like ‘heal’ or ‘consolation’ but the song does comfort me a lot.

Sungwoo: When I feel blue I listen to gloomy songs, so I’d like to recommend ‘High and Dry’ by Radiohead.

Jungmin: I recent playlist favorite is ‘Candle’ by Guy Sebastian.

Dosun: I’d like to recommend a song written by a band that’s about to create a huge impact in music industry. The lyric goes ‘I’m not alone anymore’… It’s ‘Come to Light’, a song by D.Coy.


Q. I heard that you write and compose your own songs. Tell us the lyric of your favorite song and why you love it.

Jungmin: There’s this sentence in ‘Come to Light’, the song I wrote and composed. ‘'You gave me light when I was locked up in the darkness’. This part describes the feeling I got when I saw my members. Oh, other members do compose and write the songs. I guess we can hear other members’ songs in the future.

Everyone: This is the first time we ever heard this hidden episode!


Q. When is it that you realize that you’re lucky to be a singer?

Dosun: Since we’re a band, when we perform. We’ve performed so many times before our official debut. When we hear the audience react to our music I think that I was right to perform as a singer.

Sungwoo: I get nervous every time before I perform, but feel so happy after we’re done with the show.



Q. Please introduce your debut single to us.

Wonshin: This is a debut single album that consist of ‘Color Magic’ and ‘Come to Light’. We tried to express as many different colors in the song and music video as we can.

Dosun: The song depicts the feeling of being attracted towards something or somebody by describing diffrent colors. Something or someone could be members or lovers.

Jungmin: Although it's hard to explain in detail right now, the theme of the song is 'attraction' and 'appeal'. It's the song that welcomes the listeners to D.Coy's universe.

Sungwoo: I think the song is about relationship. About the person that give you butterflies in the stomach. Easpecially the word 'sunshine'.


Q. Lastly, let's talk about our own maigc colors. The color that heals you like magic.

Jungmin: I like red and blue. Most of my clothes are red and blue. I love the colors so much they heal me.

Dosun: I'm a fan of Dosun of D.Coy and he loves color white. He said that the color is just like his personality. Since I'm his fan, I love white.

Hyukjin: Although I perform in a band, when I'm not performing I like to keep myself invisible. That's why I like white, grey or black and especially black.

Wonshin: I like black. I always have. It's the basic color and every color goes well with black.

D.Coy are a Korean rock band formed in 2016. The band consistes of Sungwoo(guitar), Jeongmin(Keyboards), Hyeokjin(lead guitar), Wonshin(bass) and Dosun(drum).

Before official debut the band participated in the Naver’s Musician League MuseOn Open League and received a lot of attention before their debut. They won 1st and 2nd in views and likes with the band’s own songs 'Come to Right' and 'December'. D.Coy was invited perform at KG 5G Street Festival in 2019 and the Sichuan Rock Festival along with talented musicians such as YB.

The title song of the debut single 'Color Magic' is produced by the composer Lee Seungju, a composer who produced ‘Beautiful Life’, the OST of ‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’. ‘Color Magic’ is a synth pop of medium tempo which the members participated in the songwriting process. Johnny Bros, director of Seo Taiji, 4Minute, and Wanna One's music video, produced the music video for ‘Color Magic’.


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