Park Hyung Sik "Happiness" steal is revealed
Park Hyung Sik "Happiness" steal is revealed
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] "Happiness" Park Hyung-sik turns into a smart and honest violent detective.

The TVing original Happiness (directed by Ahn Gil-ho, scripted by Han Sang-woon, planned and produced studio Dragon/hereinafter Happiness), which will premiere in November, unveiled Park Hyung-sik's first still with soft charisma and fully immersed in Jung-hyun on the 13th. His deeper eyes make us look forward to his acting transformation.

Happiness is a new normal city thriller depicting the survival of those isolated in apartments, a miniature version of hierarchical society, set in the near future. As apartments in large cities where various human groups live are blocked by new infectious diseases, cracks, fears, struggles for survival, and psychological warfare are carefully depicted.

Jung Yi-hyun's shot at someone in the released photo reverses the atmosphere. Unlike usual, when he calmly solves the problem, his sharp confrontation with angry eyes raises questions. Jung Yi-hyun, the owner of a strong sense of mission, struggles at the expense of himself to protect the public good even in extreme situations where his life is at stake. Attention is also being paid to his survival against the "new infectious disease" that shook everyone's daily lives.

Park Hyung-sik said, "The content was fresh and fun. When I first read the script, I felt that the personality expression method and approach of different characters were fresh so far, he said. "The characters' personality and the emotional changes of the characters in dramatic situations are diverse, so I think it will be fresh to viewers."

Park Hyung-sik said he devoted himself to developing action and physique to realize the character "Jung Hyun." He said, "He is a person with both warmth and coolness. Sometimes it is simple, but sometimes it exerts sharp insight. If we divide it into good and evil, I think he is still a friend who touches well a lot," he stressed, further stimulating expectations.

Meanwhile, Happiness will be released on TVing and tvN at 10:40 p.m. on November 5.

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