Lee Do-hyun is considering to appear in "The Glory"
Lee Do-hyun is considering to appear in "The Glory"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Attention is focusing on whether actor Lee Do-hyun will be able to meet writer Kim Eun-sook and Song Hye-kyo with the drama "The Glory."

On the 13th, Lee Do-hyun's agency, Yuehua Entertainment, said, "Actor Lee Do-hyun was proposed to appear in the new drama 'The Glory' and is considering it."

"The Glory" is a drama about a female protagonist who dreams of becoming an architect dropping out of high school due to cruel school violence, waiting for the perpetrator to marry, give birth, and enter elementary school, and then taking thorough or desperate revenge.

In the play, Lee Do-hyun is known to have been offered the role of Ju Yeo-jeong, a flowering plant in the greenhouse, who decides to become a wildcat who performs sword dance, not the prince of Dong-eun.

"The Glory" will be written by Kim Eun-sook, a guaranteed box office check, and director Ahn Gil-ho, who has been well-received for his sensuous directing, will hold the megaphone. The broadcasting company and the timing of the broadcast are undecided.

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