K-POP groups performing at TMA⑥ NU'EST
K-POP groups performing at TMA⑥ NU'EST
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] It wasn’t until NU’EST, a group that debuted in 2012, got listeners’ attention. In 2017, JR, Baekho, Ren, and Minhyun of NU’EST appeared in a Mnet Audition survival program ‘Produce 101’. It did contribute in increasing public interest in the group. While Hwang Minhyun managed to join WANNA ONE, a project boy group, other members formed NU’EST W(JR, Aron, Baeckho, Ren)  and actively released albums and appeared on shows. NU’EST W released a mini album 'WAKE N’ in 2018 which topped the charts, and 'WHO, YOU' won the Platinum on the Gaon Chart, and won the Best Musician and Singer Asia Celebrity at the 2019 Asian Artist Awards.

In April 2019, NU'EST made a great start by performing their first solo concert ‘2019 NU'EST CONCERT 'Segno' IN SEOUL‘ in Seoul KSPO DOME(Olympic Gymnastics Stadium) which is called ‘the stage of dream’ among artists. all seats were sold out the minute the tickets opened. In particular, the mini album 'Happily Ever After', released on April 29, broke the initial sales volume of 220,000 and recorded the highest record sales since debut. The title track ‘BET BET’ won the first trophy in the music broadcast.

NU'EST's record-breaking parade did not stop here. ‘LOVE ME’, the title song of seventh EP ‘The Table’ released on October 21st, won the first place in five major music shows including ‘Inku Gayo’ and ‘Music Bank’. The group also won the bonsang at the 2020 Seoul Music Awards, and bonsang and Cosmopolitan Artist award at the Golden Disk Awards.


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