Adele appeared on the November cover of "VOGUE"
Adele appeared on the November cover of "VOGUE"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Adele, who announced the release of her full album for the first time in six years, appeared as a cover model for the magazine "Vogue."

According to the interview, Adele said, "I was so anxious that I couldn't tell what to say to my son and what not to say." His 9-year-old son reportedly responded that he could not understandably. Adele has a son with producer Simon Konecki and divorced in 2019.

Adele is planning to release her new song Easy on Me on the 15th. He also posted a 20-second preview video of the release of "Easy On Me" on SNS. After the release of the new song, the release of the fourth full-length album is expected to continue. Adele's comeback is the first time in more than six years since her third full album "25," which swept music charts around the world in 2015.


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