EPIK HIGH will hold a solo concert
EPIK HIGH will hold a solo concert
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] The group EPIK HIGH showed sincerity from the poster, raising expectations for the concert.
Photo = Awards agency
Photo = Awards agency

On the 12th, the agency Awards said, "Epik High Is Here" will be held in December by Epik High (Taplo, Mitsura, and Two Cut)." Along with this, a concert poster was released to announce the news of the performance.

Epic High in the poster is drawing attention as it celebrates its first offline performance in two years with a family photo concept. Since then, a placard celebrating the "Epic High Concert" has shown a strong presence along with the concert hall.
Epik High Is Here will be held at the Olympic Hall of Olympic Park in Seoul from December 17th to 19th, and will comply with performance quarantine guidelines to prevent COVID-19, including a distance seat system, fever check, and hand disinfection.

This performance is drawing keen attention from many fans as it is the first time in two years since the small theater concert "Currently screening 2019," which heated up the summer of 2019.

Epik High has met with fans since releasing its first album Epik High Is Here in January, holding an online concert "FOREST 2021-EPIK HIGH" in June, and releasing a cool yet moist song that is good to listen to on rainy days.

Meanwhile, the 2021 Epic High Is Here, which will be responsible for the warm end of the year, will be held at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park from December 17 to 19, and tickets will open from 8 p.m. on the 21st through Interpark tickets.


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