Super Junior-D&E's "1st Look" pictorial is revealed
Super Junior-D&E's "1st Look" pictorial is revealed
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Super Junior-D&E appeared on the cover of "First Look" magazine.

As it is a pictorial with a special meaning to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Super Junior-D&E's debut, this pictorial shoot was filmed in a more exciting atmosphere than ever.

The unique chemistry attracts attention, such as giving off an autumn atmosphere with conflicting colors in the pictorial and combining the two's backs to make them look like one person. Individual pictorials are also expected to receive enthusiastic responses with chic eyes and charisma.

In addition, in an interview with the pictorial shoot, "I think the first full-length album is the 10th-anniversary album and another start to officially declare Super Junior-D&E." Above all, it will be "for fans" album and a gift-like activity for them, he said, expressing his affection for fans.

In addition, Donghae and Eun Hyuk of sharing personal stories, in addition, the most about friends. We are like ‘(East Sea) dog and cat (Eun Hyuk)’ that of ‘I put on in friendship’ " she reveals.

Super Junior-D&E's sincere interviews and pictorials can be found in First Look No. 227 published today (7th).

Super Junior-D&E will release Korea's first full-length album "COUNTDOWN" at the end of October.


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