LUNA new song "Madonna" MV is released
LUNA new song "Madonna" MV is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Luna, a singer from the group f(x) made a comeback with a single on October 6.

Luna released her official solo song two years and nine months after her solo album "Even So" was released in January 2019.

"Madonna" is a homage and pop genre mash-up song of the legendary singer Madonna, which contains the message of "Enjoy without paying attention to others."

Luna, who once again verified her singing skills in "Madonna," which begins with a power ballad genre composed of piano and guitar, turns into a rhythmical urban beat and presents a melodic rap. In the chorus, the disco rhythm was added with Middle Eastern string instruments to add modern grandeur to the music of the 80s, freely crossing various genres from one song and perfectly presenting her various vocal skills with a beautiful voice.

Luna made her debut in 2009 with f(x)'s digital single album "LAchATA" and received great love as a member of f(x). In August of last year, he released the OST "Flower Day" of "Ban Ye-in" and appeared in lifetime channels "Beauty Time" and musicals "The Days."

K-pop fans are paying keen attention to Luna, who can pull off a variety of genres ranging from ballad to dance.


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