"Squid Game" nominated for the Emmy Awards
"Squid Game" nominated for the Emmy Awards
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] The "Squid Game" is expected to be nominated for the U.S. Emmy Awards.

According to a variety report on the 6th (local time), Netflix series "Squid Game" will be eligible for the Prime Time Emmy Awards.
The U.S. Academy of Television Arts and Sciences confirmed that it has qualified.

Variety said in an article titled "Squid Game is eligible for the Prime Time Emmy, and Netflix will be able to write a new TV history."

An official from the U.S. Academy of Television Arts and Sciences said that the reason why "Squid Game" could be nominated for the Prime Time Emmy Awards was "produced with the aim of being distributed to the U.S. under the guidance of the U.S.

However, he added, "It can be said that 'Squid Game' has been released around the world and produced internationally, so it can also be included in the International Emmy category," adding, "We have to choose between the two because simultaneous candidates are not possible under Emmy Awards regulations."

The Emmy Awards will be divided into prime time, day time, sports, international and regional. Among them, prime time is literally aimed at programs broadcasted at prime time. Usually, the Emmy Awards refer to this prime time category, and the awards ceremony is held every September.

Netflix, which finished preheating with D.P., which received favorable reviews for its realistic development and geography, captivates fans around the world with squid games around the Chuseok holiday. Squid Game ranked first in the US Netflix drama category for the first time in Korean content. It is receiving a standing ovation from all over the world, sweeping the top spot in 76 countries around the world.


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