YANGPA will hold a solo concert, "Winter Breath"
YANGPA will hold a solo concert, "Winter Breath"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Singer YANGPA will meet fans with a solo concert for the first time in two years.
Photo = Delight Company Co., Ltd
Photo = Delight Company Co., Ltd

YANGPA will hold an online and offline solo concert "Winter Breath" at Daechi Art Hall in KT&G's Sangsang Madang in Seoul on November 12th and 13th.

At this concert, YANGPA will present a high-quality live performance with a 19-member orchestra.

YANGPA is expected to meet the audience with an unrivaled performance involving Berkeley alumni global jazz pianist Cho Yoon-sung's semi-symphonic ensemble, Korea's leading jazz bassist Hwang Ho-kyu, and Giggs-born top drummer Lee Sang-min.

YANGPAs also left a deep impression at the concert "YANGPA 2019 Winter, There" held in 2019.

YANGPA, who appeared like a comet in the K-pop industry in 1997 with its debut song "Love of the Little Song," gave birth to numerous hit songs such as "I Know" and "A'ddio" with its outstanding singing skills, and is known as the second-largest female solo artist in history.

Meanwhile, offline tickets for the YANGPA concert Winter Breath can be booked at Interpark tickets from noon on the 8th. Online tickets will be available through LiveAt, an online transmission platform, at noon on the 15th.


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