NOZE "1st Look" pictorial is revealed
NOZE "1st Look" pictorial is revealed
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] On the 6th, NOZE's October issue of the magazine "First Look" with outdoor brand Eider was released.

When filming began, NOZE stood in front of the camera in the form of a fashion model, not a dancer. Rumor has it that he surprised all the field staff by showing skillful poses and intense eyes.
In a subsequent interview, NOZE said, "People around me say, 'What should I do?' but nothing has changed much," adding, "My daily life has not changed, such as eating delicious food, listening to good music, and reading books." It's still the same," he said.

In particular, NOZE said, "Street Woman Fighter is like a trampoline that I used to run around when I was young," adding, "It was hard when filming, but it was good to appear." "It's a program that jumped tremendously high," he said.

The interview video will be released in November, so you can check it out.

NOZE appeared on Mnet's dance survival program "Street Woman Fighter" and played an active role as a team wave leader. It caught the public's attention with its eye-catching appearance and excellent dance skills.

Wavey was the first team to be eliminated among the "Swoopa" teams, but NOZE's popularity has hit the upper limit every day. He is active in various fields by releasing famous game characters as well as shooting for fashion magazines.

An official from tvN's entertainment program "Amazing Saturday" said, "It is true that NOZE will appear, and the timing of the broadcast is undecided."


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