Lee Junki, Lee Kyungyoung, and Kim Jieun will appear on SBS "Again My Life"
Lee Junki, Lee Kyungyoung, and Kim Jieun will appear on SBS "Again My Life"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Actors Lee Joon-ki, Lee Kyung-young, and Kim Ji-eun will appear in the new SBS drama Again My Life.

Again My Life, which is scheduled to air next year, is a punishment for the prosecutor's absolute evil judgment for taking a chance to reset his life on the threshold of the underworld after an unfair death. Based on the web novel of the same name, director Han Chul-soo of the drama "Elegant House" will write the script by Jay and Kim Yul.

In this drama, Lee Joon-ki plays the role of a prosecutor who took the opportunity to turn his life around on the threshold of the underworld after suffering an unfair death.

Lee Joon-ki's role in the play is prosecutor Kim Hee-woo, who has earned his second chance in his life, burning his will to investigate the heart of living power with cool judgment, persistent tenacity and strong determination. He walks an unexpected path to catch a character named Cho Tae-seop, who is at the center of the corruption vested cartel.

Lee Kyung-young plays the role of "Cho Tae-seop," a politician who uses his position and power to commit evil. Cho Tae-seop is a kingmaker disguised as justice in the face of evil and a person who intends to reign over the law and is in opposition with prosecutor Kim Hee-woo, who does not compromise with evil.

Kim Ji-eun plays the role of Kim Hee-ah, the youngest daughter of the Cheonha Group and director of the Cheonha Economic Research Institute. She takes the best elite course in Korea and has extensive knowledge, natural guts, and visuals, and joins hands with Kim Hee-woo to prevent the blood wind from blowing on her family.

The production team said, "It is a drama designed to provide viewers with pleasant and cool fun," adding, "Lee Joon-ki, Lee Kyung-young, and Kim Ji-eun seem to have made their first start pleasantly as they confirmed their appearance."

Meanwhile, Again My Life will air in 2022.


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