IU comeback with the digital single "Strawberry Moon"
IU comeback with the digital single "Strawberry Moon"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Singer IU has released a concept teaser image for her new single "Strawberry Moon."
Photo = EDAM Entertainment
Photo = EDAM Entertainment

IU's agency Lee Dam Entertainment posted a new song name and concept image called Strawberry Moon on its official SNS at 0 o'clock on the 5th.
The released teaser shows IU holding ice cream in both hands. In particular, the luxurious background and kitsch graphic elements such as dandelions and rainbows create a refreshing and lovely atmosphere.

Earlier on the 1st, IU said, "Meet again when strawberry moon come up. from IU." From IU," a mysterious image of a huge red moon was released, raising many people's curiosity. The teaser revealed that IU's surprise-spoiler was the release of a new song, raising expectations from many fans.

IU's new song is about seven months after the release of her fifth full album "Lilac" in March. Attention is focusing on what other song IU, who has shown various concepts and unrivaled music that goes against everyone's expectations, will surprise this time.

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