Celeb Five comeback in October
Celeb Five comeback in October
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] The group Celeb Five will make a comeback with a new song in October.

Celeb Five will release a new song in October as the last runner of 2021 How to Spend Well project.

Celeb Five is a four-member girl group formed by Korean comedians and consists of members Song Eun-i, Kim Shin-young, Shin Bong-sun, and Ahn Young-mi.

The concept is basically no microphone, no live, only dance. In the stage performance, it is an identity to match the intense perfectly synchronized dance with no sync, not just lip-sync, without moving your mouth without even wearing a pin microphone. However, I started the live performance in the ballad "I Live Without Eyes." As a girl group, MR removal videos were also uploaded.

It is a dog singer team that has achieved significant success in a long time since the brave ones. The characteristic is that they are really working with a girl group concept properly. Positions such as main vocal and main dancer, dance videos or fancams are uploaded, music shows are played, and ending fairies are selected. So, about half of Celeb Five's activities have the characteristics of situational plays or parodies about "Korean girl group models," while about half have the characteristics of serious girl groups. In this respect, it is quite similar to Tintin Five.

Expectations are high on what kind of enjoyment Celeb Five's new song will bring to the public.


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