YOUNGJAE first mini-album "COLORS from Ars" is released today (5th)
YOUNGJAE first mini-album "COLORS from Ars" is released today (5th)
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Youngjae solo debut album "COLORS from Ars" is released at 6 p.m. today (5th).
Photo = Sublime Artist Agency
Photo = Sublime Artist Agency

Youngjae, who was more anticipated as the last solo debut runner of GOT7, will take his first step as a solo artist with his first mini-album "COLORS from Ars."

In this album, Youngjae will show various musical colors under another name "Ars."

Youngjae participated in writing, composing, and producing all the songs of "COLORS from Ars," which contain a total of seven songs, including the title song "Vibin." In addition to the vocal skills that GOT7 proved as the main vocalist, he will repay fans around the world with his outstanding lyric-composing skills and high completeness that he cannot believe is his first self-produced album.

The title song "Vibin" is a house beat dance-pop song that depicts the inability to stop falling in love with a lover. It is expected to provide pleasant energy by expressing cool and clean vibes and Youngjae's unique refreshing and unique charm.

In addition, there are "Beautiful" where you can feel a lovely atmosphere, "Tasty" where Youngjae's delicate sensibility will stand out, "Roses," which expresses excitement toward his lover, "Eternal," a sweet pop ballad with a beautiful piano melody and guitar sound, and "Moonlight" where Youngjae's vocals will shine, and R&B hip-hop with messages of sympathy and comfort.

Meanwhile, Youngjae held a solo debut showcase through his V LIVE channel at 5 p.m. today (5th). At the showcase, which runs an hour before the release of the song, Youngjae performed a total of three songs, including the title songs "Vibin," "Tasty" and "Eternal," for the first time.

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