ONEUS comeback in November
ONEUS comeback in November
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] ONEUS will hold a solo concert following their comeback in November.

The agency RBW said on the 5th, "ONEUS will release a new album next month and make a surprise comeback. It is an album that will mark the peak of ONEUS' solid storytelling, and we ask for your interest and expectation as it has been completed with great care for a long time, he said.

In particular, ONEUS is expected to hold a two-day solo concert on November 6th and 7th with the release of the new album.

ONEUS, which debuted in the music industry in January 2019, has secured the modifier 'stage genius' based on its outstanding live and performance skills. It was loved by K-pop fans at home and abroad for its unique concepts such as vampires and narratives that organically woven the worldview.

ONEUS is also drawing keen attention to its comeback in November as it continues to play as a "growth group" by breaking its own records on the music and album charts every comeback.

Meanwhile, ONEUS, who confirmed their comeback next month, will hold a two-day solo concert on November 6th and 7th and meet fans.

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