Soyou, exclusive contract with "Big Planet Made"
Soyou, exclusive contract with "Big Planet Made"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Singer So-yu, a former member of the group Sistar, will make a new start in Big Planet Made (BPM), a new entertainment company.

Soyou said on her SNS on the 29th, "I left Starship, which I had been with for a long time, and joined a new company called BPM Entertainment."

We will then greet you with various activities so that we can give good energy to our fans who always send us a lot of support and love. "Please continue to support and look forward to it," he said.

Soyou has been loved not only as a girl group SISTAR but also as a solo vocalist. Soyou, who has various OSTs and many hit songs, has received love calls from major music agencies since the contract expired with all agencies. Among them, Soyou chose Big PlanetMade.

Big PlanetMade also recently signed an exclusive contract with Soyou on the 29th. "We successfully secured the first button by recruiting vocalist So Yu as the first artist of Big Planet Maid," he said.

Moreover, "It is a new entertainment company that launched this time, but it has already established a solid production system and established a system since a year ago. We will grow by investing generously in artists with the same direction and vision as Big Planet Made, she said.


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