Yoon Yeo-jung and Son Ye-jin will appear in the drama "Tree Dies while Standing Up"
Yoon Yeo-jung and Son Ye-jin will appear in the drama "Tree Dies while Standing Up"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Actors Yoon Yeo-jung and Son Ye-jin are considering appearing in the drama Tree Dies while Standing Up.

On the 29th, Yoon Yeo-jung's agency Hook Entertainment said, "Yoon Yeo-jung is being considered after receiving an offer of 'Tree Dies while Standing Up'." "Nothing has been decided."

MST Entertainment, Son Ye-jin's agency, also said, "It is true that I received a script after receiving an offer to appear.
"It hasn't been decided yet," she said.

It is a drama depicting a man's lifelong play playing her defected grandson in order to fulfill the last wish of a time-limited grandmother from the North, "Tree Dies while Standing Up."

Yoon Yeo-jung is known to have been proposed to play the role of a woman in her 90s, the founder and head of the nation's leading hotel chain Hotel Paradise.

Unlike other children of the chaebol family, Son Ye-jin is considering appearing as Keumsoon's granddaughter Se-yeon, who comes up step by step from the bottom of the paradise and takes charge of paradise, while Kang Ha-neul is considering appearing as an unknown theater actor Jae-heon, who plays Keumsoon's grandson Moon-sung, who lives in the North.

Meanwhile, author Cho Sung-gul, who created "Midnight Runners" and "Hitman" that "Tree Dies while Standing Up," wrote, heralding broadcasts in the second half of next year, and is preparing for collaboration with global OTT.


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