Shin Sekyung Elle pictorial is released
Shin Sekyung Elle pictorial is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Actress Shin Se-kyung met Elle for pictorial.
Photo = Elle
Photo = Elle
Photo = Elle
Photo = Elle
Photo = Elle

She stood in front of the camera looking more mature, saying she was spending time fully focusing on herself.

During the pictorial shoot, Shin Se-kyung completed various beauty cuts by posing leisurely like a veteran.

No matter what style she produces, such as voluminous hair, dense curl hair, and straight hair, you can check her healthy hair condition.  

He also said he will spend each day with a healthy mind until he meets his next work and practice small things to protect meaningful values like the eco-friendly vegan brand Aveda.

More detailed interviews with Shin Se-kyung's beauty pictorial filled with healthy energy can be found in the October issue of Elle and Elle SNS.


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