Sandara Park DAZED Korea pictorial is released
Sandara Park DAZED Korea pictorial is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] The magazine "Dazed" has released Sandara Park's pictorial.

Through the October issue of "DAZED," Sandara Park drew attention by capturing "Autumn of Sandara Park" with her unwavering beauty and lovely charm.

Sandara Park in a black-and-white pictorial exuded charisma with her elegant visuals and aura. In another black-and-white pictorial, he stared at the camera with a drowsy look and drew attention with a different charm.

Until recently, Sandara, who had been busier than anyone else, appearing regularly in as many as four entertainment shows, is a fascinating case that has become busier since the pandemic. "I'm so grateful," he said.

Sandara, who left her long-time agency and became a new family member of Abyss Company from September 1st, said, "I was nervous about the new start, but even her artists, employees, and CEO are welcoming and supporting me." They are also spending happy days receiving flowers sent by fans to the Abyss Company office. "I don't feel unfamiliar with the new place anymore," he said.

In particular, along with the new start, he expressed his passion for his solo album or delivered good news, such as the new start of the YouTube channel "DARA TV" with 1.5 million subscribers.

Sandara said, "There have been various activities, but it was not easy to show me as a singer Sandara. Now, I'm going to make a big decision and immerse myself in working on the album. "I want to do a song that can show not only music but also performances and fashion," he said, expressing his affection for music, amplifying expectations for a solo album.

Also, "DARA TV" has been temporarily stopped, but we are starting filming again now," adding, "It really took a long time." I'm going to actively visit my fans again through the video, he said.

More pictorials and articles by Sandara Park are available in the October issue of "Dazed."

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