Ji Changwook, Sung Dongil, Choi Sooyoung crank-in for "If You Say Your Wish"
Ji Changwook, Sung Dongil, Choi Sooyoung crank-in for "If You Say Your Wish"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Actor Ji Chang-wook, Sung Dong-il, and Choi Soo-young will appear in "If You Say Your Wish."

A&E confirmed the casting of actors Ji Chang-wook, Sung Dong-il, and Choi Soo-young in the original Korean drama "If You Say Your Wish" and cranked in on the 27th.

When You Say Your Wish is a work inspired by an actual foundation that grants the last wishes of late Dutch cancer patients. It is a touching healing drama in which a young man, who is at risk at the end of his life, enters a hospice hospital under a community service order and listens to the different last wishes of people at the end of his life with various episodes.

Ji Chang-wook, who is recognized for his popularity as well as a wide spectrum of acting through the dramas Healer, Suspicious Partner, Convenience Store Rookie, and How to Love Urban Women, plays Yoon Ki-le, who struggles with harsh reality through child care centers, juvenile centers, and prisons. Through "If You Say Your Wish," it will show a new look that is different from before.

Actor Sung Dong-il plays the role of "Kang Tae-sik," who plays as a volunteer leader at a hospice hospital after losing the meaning of life. Sung Dong-il, who boasts unrivaled acting skills ahead of the airing of the drama Jirisan Mountain, which is considered the best filmography in the second half of this year, will once again imprint his presence with delicate inner acting and soft charisma in this drama.

Choi Soo-young, who is receiving favorable reviews for her stable acting skills and extraordinary character digesting skills in the movies Girl Cops, New Year's Eve, and drama Run On, will expand her spectrum as an actress by playing Seo Yeon-joo, who gives hope to patients at the forefront of her life as a hospice hospital nurse.

Director Kim Yong-wan, who was recognized for his directing power with various genres such as tvN drama "How" and the movie "How: Jae-cha" and the movie "Champion," was in charge of various screenplays and adaptations such as "I Can Speak" and "Golden Slumber." Production will be carried out by Climax Studio, which produced Netflix series D.P., Hell and the drama How.

Production investment will be made by A&E Networks Korea, a global media group created jointly by Disney and the world's largest media group Hurst. A&E aims to simultaneously air not only Asia but also North America with a global network owned by Networks and plans to push for a remake of global major studios.


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