Min Chan-gi cast for the web drama "I Don't Care"
Min Chan-gi cast for the web drama "I Don't Care"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Actor Min Chan-gi will play the main character of the new web drama.
Photo = n.CH Entertainment
Photo = n.CH Entertainment

On the 29th, the agency n.CH Entertainment said, "Min Chan-gi  has been selected as the main character in the new web drama 'I Don't Care (Producer Why Not Media)."

"I Don't Care" is a romantic thriller that depicts the reckless challenges, failures, and overcoming of Lee Rowoon, a prospective groom who jumped into the coin board to buy his own house. Min Chan-gi, who plays Lee Ro-woon, the main character in the play, plays a character who transforms into a 24-hour investment-type person to restore the principal.

In particular, "I Don't Care" not only creates a consensus on stocks and coins, which are the biggest interests and social issues of many office workers but also raises expectations with a variety of fun to peek at real master's financial techniques.

Earlier, Min Chan-gi played the male lead in the web drama "Life Derm She" and received favorable reviews for his stable acting skills. In addition, he recently stood out among comedians through the "The Devil's Interference Point" section in the third season of tvN's entertainment program "Comedy Big League" giving them a big laugh.

Meanwhile, the new web drama "I Don't Care" will be available on Naver, Facebook, and YouTube channels Kok TV in October.


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