T-ara Eunjung exclusive contract with Management KOO
T-ara Eunjung exclusive contract with Management KOO
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Singer and actor Ham Eun-jung from T-ARA signed an exclusive contract with Management KOO.

Management KOO said on the 27th, "We signed an exclusive contract with actor Ham Eun-jung," adding, "Ham Eun-eun is an all-around actor who boasts endless talents in various fields such as music and entertainment as well as acting." Based on the strong faith and trust accumulated for many years, I am very happy to have another precious relationship with Ham Eun-jeong. We are planning to continue our strong companionship so that Ham Eun-jung can show more diverse colors, so we ask for your unwavering love and support."

The reason why this exclusive contract is all the more eye-catching is because of the special relationship between Ham Eun-jung and Management District, which has been in charge of management in Ham Eun-jung's acting division in the past and has maintained a good relationship for more than a decade.

Ham Eun-jung made her debut as a Little Miss Korea Advancement Contest in 1995 and has appeared as a child actor in a number of works, including the drama Land, the movie Madeleine, and the Quiet World. Since then, he has tried to make a successful transformation as an adult actor by starring in the dramas "Dream High" and the movie "White: The Melody of the Curses."

Meanwhile, Management KOO where Ham Eun-jung signed exclusive contracts include Lee Yo-won, Ko Won-hee, Jung Si-ah, Ha Seok-jin, Min Do-hee, Yoon Kyung-ho, Seo Ji-hoon, Kwon Hyuk, Baek Soo-jang, Oh Hee-joon, Kim Joo-young, Yoo In-soo, Park Mi-hyun, Jo Soo-ji, Lee Tae-hyung, Kim Tae-eun, and Park Bo-yeon.

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