Ciipher released their 2nd mini-album "BLIND" today (28th)
Ciipher released their 2nd mini-album "BLIND" today (28th)
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Boy group Ciipher challenges the music industry with bright and cheerful "Ciipher" energy.

Ciipher (Hyunbin, Tan, Hwi, Keita, Tag, Dohwan, and Won) will release their second mini-album "BLIND" through various online music sites at 6 p.m. on the 28th.

"BLIND" is the first new album released by Ciipher in about six months since his debut album "I Like you" was released in March. It is raising expectations with an album that contains the distinct personalities and colors of the members who have grown in all aspects, including performance and visual, as well as music.

The title song "BLIND" is a song that succeeds in confessing and conveys my sincere message to my favorite reason, expressing my feelings and contents deeply immersed in the person as if I were possessed by BLIND in the song.

In addition, a total of five tracks are included in the album, including Moon Night, Joker, who aims to become a hidden card for the K-POP scene, Go Ahead, which is clumsy but serious, and Go Ahead, who pretends to be okay.

The members, who wrote and composed all the songs on their debut album, also wrote and composed all the tracks, including the title song "BLIND," in their second mini-album "BLIND."  

Especially for fans who have been waiting for their comeback, Ciipher performed the title song "KCON:TACT HI 5" even before the album release, and MBC's entertainment program "Hangout with Me"?"Each music video was pre-released in the replay, drawing attention.

The entire song of Ciipher's second mini-album "BLIND," consisting of seven members with solid skills and unrivaled potential, will be available from 6 p.m. on the 28th.

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