Lee Jong-seok "ARENA" pictorial is revealed
Lee Jong-seok "ARENA" pictorial is revealed
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Actor Lee Jong-seok and the October issue of Arena released a cover together.

The theme of this pictorial with the 2021 F/W collection as Prada Ambassador is a mixture of reality and distortion, transformation and repetition. Lee Jong-seok stood in a distorted background due to digital effects and created a scene that touched between reality and virtual space.

In an interview that followed after the pictorial shoot, Lee Jong-seok expressed expectations for the films "The Witch 2" and "Decibel," which finished filming. Lee Jong-seok said, "The Witch 2 is an interesting role because it is a villain-like character, not a villain." I saw the scenarios for 'decibel' and it was easy to read. I thought this role would be worth challenging, so I came out on it said.

Lee Jong-seok also explained why he chose the cable channel tvN's new drama "Big Mouse" as his return film. He said, "It's a role that's a little older. It is also a setting that married. If I were in charge of it, I would be stressed out and suffer from an obsession to do well because it seemed to be challenging, but I thought it was worth it. "I thought it would be fun, and I thought it would be new," he said, expressing his change and joy as an actor.

You can check out the pictorial and interview of actor Lee Jong-seok, who perfectly performed Prada's 2021 F/W look in his own color, in the October issue of Arena.

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