EXO CHANYEOL, INFINITE L, and Jung Daehyun cast for the military musical "MAYSA's Song".
EXO CHANYEOL, INFINITE L, and Jung Daehyun cast for the military musical "MAYSA's Song".
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] The creative musical "Maysa's Song," which will premiere with an untact performance in October, has unveiled its casting.

"Maysa's Song" is set in two countries with a completely different cultures: Kamur, a virtual country where civil wars have continued for a long time, and Korea, where K-POP auditions are held. The story leads to the process of coming to Korea in search of Maysa (meaning Kamur bright star), a soldier who gave him dreams and hopes, centering on Raman, who was born and raised in Kamur.

Park Chan-yeol (Army Private) was cast as Raman, who visited Korea while participating in the K-POP audition. Raman has grown up experiencing various Korean cultures through the members of the UN Peacekeeping Army Gaon Unit dispatched to Kamur and boasts fluent Korean language skills. In addition, he is expected to perform in various concepts as a person drawing attention among K-POP audition participants. Expectations are high on how Park Chan-yeol, who has been engaged in various activities with an extraordinary passion for music, such as unit activities with the group EXO and music movies, will create Raman's stage, which has found hope through dancing and singing.

Kim Myung-soo (Private Marine) and Jung Dae-hyun (Army Corporal) played the role of Yeon Yeon-seok, who came to Kamur at the suggestion of a friend. Yeon Yeon-seok, who has just lived in compliance with his parents' needs without any special dreams or goals, faces major changes through time and series of events spent in Kamur. Kim Myung-soo, who combines singing and acting skills with the group INFINITE with a number of drama appearances, will challenge his first musical through "Maysa's Song" and show a new aspect that is different from what he has shown so far.

Jung Dae-hyun, who was cast together, is a former member of the group B.A.P. (B.A.P) and has been on the musical stage steadily since 2017 with his name on "Napoleon" and "Greece." "If the characters in the works I've been in were bright and positive, Yeon Yeon-seok feels the opposite," said Jung Dae-hyun, who emphasized the difference from the characters I've been in, making me look forward to the birth of a new character along with the notice of acting transformation.

Musical stars Brad Little and Michael Lee alternately appear as commanders of the UN Peacekeeping Command. Director Lee Ji-na told an unexpected casting story, saying, "As soon as I heard the subject of UN, I thought of them."

In addition, a total of 41 actors, including South Korean soldiers and ensembles with outstanding singing and acting skills, will be on the stage. The musical "Maysa's Song" will meet the audience through an online streaming performance from October 15 to 17, and tickets will be opened at the end of this month.


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