Stray Kids Singles pictorial is released
Stray Kids Singles pictorial is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] A pictorial of the group Stray Kids has been released.

In this pictorial, Stray Kids perfectly showed off jackets and pants with an iKONIC pattern, as well as casual mood styling.

The members, who stared at the camera with serious eyes and showed off their professional charm, created a uniquely bright, and energetic atmosphere in another cover image.
With the release of their second full album "NOEASY," Stray Kids have achieved high results overseas, including winning various domestic music charts, No. 1 on iTunes song charts, and No. 4 on Billboard Heat Chicus albums. They became million-seller artists with sales exceeding 1.1 million.

In October, a new album will be released in Japan, continuing its hot fever. The public is paying keen attention to another move of the eight men, who have been recognized for their colorful music, solid skills, and colorful performances.

Stray Kids' visual pictorials will be released on the October issue of Singles and the Singles website.

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