DAY6 DOWOON "Suddenly" concept image is revealed
DAY6 DOWOON "Suddenly" concept image is revealed
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Dowoon, a member of DAY6, has released a concept image of the new digital single.

JYP Entertainment posted four concept teaser images at 0 o'clock on its official SNS channel on the 23rd, giving a glimpse into the atmosphere of its first solo song "Duet with Song Hee-jin.
The natural healing sensibility in the teaser caught the eyes of viewers. Dowoon showed a comfortable appearance by spending a relaxing time with his dog and leaning on the sofa to listen to music.

The new song "Suddenly" duet with Song Hee-jin" is a song that Dowoon participated in writing and composing, and calmly unravels his worries and thoughts in his daily life by looking back on the "Past Experience and Memories of Completing Me Now."  

Dowoon, who made his solo debut for the second time after DAY6 member Young K, devoted his passion to his first single. After playing as a drummer for DAY6 and Unit DAY6 (Even of Day), he was challenged to sing and started working on the song, and greatly increased his participation by giving direct opinions in the process of planning the concept of the new song.

Dowoon first digital single, "Suddenly," and the title song "Suddenly" duet with Song Hee-jin," will be released at 6 p.m. on the 27th.


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