Kim Soohyun confirms return with 'Psycho'
Kim Soohyun confirms return with 'Psycho'
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Joan Park] Actor Kim Soo-hyun returns with a role of a guardian in the psychological ward in the tvN drama 'Psycho'(working title).

On July 7, Kim Soohyun's agency Gold Medalist announced that tvN drama 'Psycho' will be broadcast from July.

'Psycho' is a romance drama where a psychiatric guardian who leads a difficult life meets a fairy tale writer who doesn't know love. 

Kim Soohyun plays the role of Moon Gangtae, a psychological ward protector. Moon Kangtae lost his parents when he was a child and took care of his brother who had autism spectrum disorder. His life is so full of things to do that he doesn't have any room to dream of things he wants.

Kim Soohyun's comeback news is drwing much attention. He appeared as a cameo in tvN's Hotel DeLuna and Crash Landing On You after the military discharge in July last year. In Hotel DeLuna, he appeared as president of Hotel Blue Moon, leavingstrong impression; and in Crash Landing On You, he acted a role of secret agent from North Korea, Won Ryuhwan, from his own movie released in 2013.


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