B.A.P. Bang Yong-guk established a one-person agency
B.A.P. Bang Yong-guk established a one-person agency
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Singer-songwriter Bang Yong-guk from the group B.A.P has established a one-person agency.

Bang Yong-guk announced the establishment of an outlet for a one-person agency through his personal SNS account on the 15th, signaling a full solo activity.

Bang Yong-guk started his musical career in the underground hip-hop scene and has been a leader, main rapper, and producer of the idol group B.A.P since his debut with his solo song "I Remember" in 2011.

Bang Yong-guk, who released his first full-length solo album "BANGYUNG UK" in 2019, successfully completed his five-nation European tour, showing potential in the global market as a solo artist, as well as proving his ability as a writer by publishing an essay book and captivating the public with various charms.

In addition, Bang Yong-guk, who released the documentary film "Breath," was selected as an open cinema screening film at the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, drawing keen attention by presenting authentic documentary works for the first time as an idol group musician.

In particular, Bang Yong-guk once again proved his outstanding musical capabilities by producing the new boy group JUSTB album, which debuted in June based on his outstanding production ability and various careers as a writer through the B.A.P album.


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