LOONA's new album tops iTunes chart in 56 countries
LOONA's new album tops iTunes chart in 56 countries
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Chalie Park] LOONA's new album won the first place on the iTunes album chart in 56 regions around the world, setting the highest record as a K-POP girl group.

Their agency, Blockberry Creative, announced on February 7 that the group's mini album 'Hash (#)' released on 5 topped the iTunes in 56 countries. They've become the first girl group to top iTunes chart in over 50 countries.

The countries that 'Hash(#)' won the first place include Dominican Republic, Australia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Enland and North America.

The album that feature six tracks including a title single 'So What' contains a message to move on to the world without hesitation and challenge.

LOONA's concept is to meet a new girl every month. The agency revealed a new member each month starting October 2016. This is the group's first mini album as they've only released unit albums.


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