iKON released music video of 'Dive' on YouTube
iKON released music video of 'Dive' on YouTube
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Jisoo Lee] The music video of 'Dive', iKON's first single off 'i DECIDE' was released. The title song 'Dive' was composed by B.I, Diggy, and Kang Ukjin. As for the lyrics, B.I and Seung worked collaboratively to produce the perfect song.

'Dive' is a hip-hop dance song with repetitive country-style guitar riff and rich sound, The lyrics, which convey the courage to do anything for your loved one.

In the third mini album 'i DECIDE', which was first released after the six member reorganization, 'i DECIDE', which has grown through the 'NEW KIDS' series, is now looking for ego and decided to move forward. iKON is a globally renowned K-Pop group with mega hit songs such as 'RHYTHM TA' and 'MY TYPE'.

Meanwhile, the third mini album 'i DECIDE' sound source will be released simultaneously on Feb 6, 6PM worldwide through online music sites.


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