GOT 7 Jackson appeared in the ADIDAS campaign film
GOT 7 Jackson appeared in the ADIDAS campaign film
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Chalie Park] GOT 7's member Jackson appeared in the global sports brand Adidas' campaign film. He was the only K-pop male idol to be featured in the film.

Jackson appeared in Adidas' new campaign film, Change Is a Team Sport, with BLACKPINK. The film was produced by world-renowned actor and filmmaker Jonah Hill and attracted a lot of attention with a colorful lineup including musicians Pharrell Williams, actor Yara Shahidi and Premier League footballer Paul Pogba.

Jackson is the only Asian male artist to stand shoulder to shoulder with international stars. American magazine Teen Vogue drew attention by mentioning the campaign film, saying "GOT7 member Jackson has appeared alongside many international superstars like Ferrell Williams."


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