Joo Jihoon appears on "Kiss the Universe"
Joo Jihoon appears on "Kiss the Universe"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Actor Joo Ji-hoon was a surprise cast in "Kiss the Universe."
Photo = KBS
Photo = KBS

The production team of KBS 1TV's master plan "Kiss the Universe" (directed by Na Won-sik, Song Woong-dal, and CP Seo Yong-ha), which is set to premiere in October 21, announced that Ju Ji-hoon will appear as a presenter in the prelude to the trilogy.

KBS's new space trilogy "Kiss the Universe," the birthplace of luxury documentaries such as   "Super Fish," is an interesting work that solves the marvelous universe and homework thrown at mankind living on Earth.

Above all, it is the first documentary appearance since the debut of star Joo Ji-hoon, who has been loved for his movie, drama, fantasy, and action-crossing luxury acting skills, such as the underworld driver of "Along with the Gods" and the Crown Prince fighting zombies in the "Kingdom" series.

In particular, in this work, Ju Ji-hoon will not just convey the content but will become a special guide and storyteller who travels directly to the Milky Way.

KBS 1TV's big plan "Kiss the Universe," which will be on a space trip with Ju Ji-hoon, will air every Thursday night at 10 p.m., starting with the first episode of the first episode on the 21st (Thursday) of next month.

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