Park Yuchun reveals willingness to resume career
Park Yuchun reveals willingness to resume career
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Jisoo Lee] Former JYJ member Park Yuchun announced his willingness to resume activities.

Park Yuchun who was sentenced to two years probation for drug usage met fans in a fan  meeting in Bangkok, Thailand on January 25. At the event, he officially stated that he wants to  resume activities.

Park Yuchun said to the fans, "I will overcome the current situation and try to recuperate your trust again."

Park Yuchun called for a press conference last year, shedded tears and plead innocence and said, "If I were to be found guilty, I will retire right away." In the end the drug test came back positive and it shocked the entire fandom.

Public criticism continues as Park Yuchun lied about his retirement speech at the press conference and held a paid fan meeting. However, his fans are glad to here his comeback news.


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