Kwon Yuri will appear in the independent movie "Dolphin"
Kwon Yuri will appear in the independent movie "Dolphin"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Kwon Kwon-ri, a member and actor of the girl group Girls' Generation, will make a comeback on the screen with her independent film Dolphin.

According to her agency SM Entertainment on the 14th, Kwon Kwon-ri has confirmed her appearance as the main character "Nayoung" in the independent film "Dolphin" (screenplay, director Baduri), which tells the story of "Nayoung," a village guardian who only knew her family.

Nayoung, who will be played by Kwon Yu-ri, is a local newsletter employee who was born in a small village and has never left it and lives with the pleasure of caring for his family and villagers. In particular, Kwon Yu-ri is expected to draw the process of "Nayoung," who was afraid of change, opening the closed door of mind and having hope while learning bowling through realistic acting.

Kwon Yu-ri has accumulated filmography by appearing in various dramas and movies so far and has recently played the role of Princess Fine Soo-kyung in the MBN drama Bossam-Stealing Destiny, drawing enthusiastic responses and proving her stable acting skills.


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