DAY6 Young K's sub-title song "Come As You Are" MV is released
DAY6 Young K's sub-title song "Come As You Are" MV is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Band DAY6 Young K released a music video for the sub-title song "Come As You Are" of his first solo album.

JYP Entertainment, the agency, posted a music video for the sub-title song "Please Come As It Is" of Young K's first mini-album "Eternal" on DAY6's official SNS channel at 6 p.m. on the 13th.

Composed and written by Young K, "Please Come As You Are" is a song with a warm message that says, "I want to comfort you first today for you who have always comforted me when I have a hard time."

It is loved by fans for its vocal energy and musical instrument scale, starting with the electric guitar sound and gradually growing as the song progresses, and being able to appreciate Young K's light voice.

Young K released his first mini-album "Eternal" on the 6th and debuted as a solo artist. The new album, complete with the heart of "I want to sing forever" for fans who send infinite love, contains seven tracks of new songs with various emotions, including the title song "I'll Hug You Until the End." Not only the lyrics and composition of all the songs but also the direction of the work directly participated in the entire album to honestly tell the inner worries and stories and form a deep consensus.

Meanwhile, Young K is presenting a variety of content through his official SNS channel to commemorate his solo debut and respond to fans' enthusiastic support.

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