Lee Mu-jin released "Fall in Fall" from the REVIBE project
Lee Mu-jin released "Fall in Fall" from the REVIBE project
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] VIBE's "Fall in Fall," reinterpreted by singer Lee Mu-jin, will be unveiled.
Photo = Major 9
Photo = Major 9

At 6 p.m. on the 14th, "REVIBE Vol.4 Autumn Let's Go" will be released through various online music sites, the fourth music source of the "REVIBE" project launched ahead of the 20th anniversary of Vibe's debut and involving Lee Mu-jin .

"Fall in Fall" is a single released in 2018 by Vibe and is a song about longing for people who come to mind in autumn and autumn, the seasons when they become lonely for no reason.  
Earlier, a teaser video and a special spoiler video of "Fall in Fall" were released on Major Nine's official YouTube channel.
"REVIBE" is a project that reinterprets the songs of Vibe, which have been sung and loved so far, with the voices of the best artists.  

Starting with the collaboration song "Love Me Once Again" with Boyz II Men earlier, MAMAMOO Solar, Moonbyul's "Promise U," Davichi's "Looking at Photos" and Kyuhyun's "Starry Night" were released, drawing positive responses from listeners.

The "REVIBE" project plans to continue to showcase collaboration music sources with various artists.


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