JAY B online fan meeting [SOMO:FUME, Style of my own:FUME] will be held in September
JAY B online fan meeting [SOMO:FUME, Style of my own:FUME] will be held in September
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Jay B, a solo artist from the group GOT7, will meet with fans through his first online fan meeting.

Jay B, who showed his position as an R&B male solo artist by releasing his first solo "SOMO:FUME" on August 26, will host "JAY B-1st Solo Global Fan Meeting [SOMO:FUME, Style of Myown:FUME]" at 8 p.m. on September 25.

This fan meeting will be broadcast live on BBANGYA TV through Internet streaming in more than 150 countries around the world. In particular, as fans' expectations have been raised with his first solo album activity on the 26th, expectations are high as many domestic and foreign fans are expected to participate.

Tickets for JAYB's fan meeting "[SOMO:FUME, Style of Myown:FUME]" can be booked on BBANGYA TV and YES24, Monday, August 30, the day of JAYB's first solo comeback.
BBANGYA TV, which is broadcast live around the world, is active in various fields as a live streaming service platform. Starting with its own concert in January this year, it is leading the market with its own web drama 'Recipe For Youth' in March and ASTRO's online fan meeting in May. In March, it joined hands with Dong-A ST to develop sites and provide live transmission services for online corporate conferences, showing system response capabilities and technology through various online live streaming areas as well as entertainment businesses.

Especially, it has become an issue because a special video will be created as NFT(non-fungible token) during JAYB’s fan meeting. It will be limited to 100 and will be sold at Jeno NFT Hub by auction for six weeks.





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