Jun Jihyun with Alexander McQueen pictorial is revealed
Jun Jihyun with Alexander McQueen pictorial is revealed
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Alexander McQueen announced on the 9th that the Brand Ambassador, actor Jeon Ji-hyun, unveiled the 2021 autumn/winter Anemone collection look and visuals with the house's signature "Curve bag" and "Jewelled satchel bag."

In the image, Jeon Ji-hyun matched Chelsea boots to a black dress printed with a bunch of anemones, while creating an intense atmosphere with a printed T-shirt and a curve bag on a skirt.

The rich white skirt, which contrasts with the biker jacket with the open neckline, added a chic mood with a curve bag and cat-eye sunglasses. In addition, the long-falling white T-shirt with silver training leaf embroidery matched with a skirt created an elegant mood that could not be encountered.

You can see Jeon Ji-hyun's colorful charm through various productions of the curve bag. It created an intense atmosphere using an oxblood-colored curve bag, while wearing a neat white curve bag to maximize the delicate atmosphere. In addition, the chain strap showed Jeon Ji-hyun's charismatic appearance by using a black Jewelled satchel bag made of calf leather with luxurious croco patterns.

Alexander McQueen's 2021 Autumn/Winter Anemone Collection with Jeon Ji-hyun, signature Curve Bag, and Jewelled satchel bag can be found at Alexander McQueen stores nationwide and on the official website.

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