HYNN "Running in the Sky" 11th OST of "Hospital Playlist 2"
HYNN "Running in the Sky" 11th OST of "Hospital Playlist 2"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Singer HYNN (Park Hye-won) has been confirmed as the 11th OST runner for tvN's "Hospital Playlist Season 2."
Photo = Studio maum C
Photo = Studio maum C

Studio maum C, who is in charge of producing the OST for "Hospital Playlist Season 2," said on the 10th, "The 11th OST of "Hospital Playlist Season 2," which is truly recognized for its best singing ability, is remaking "Running in the Sky."

"Running in the Sky" is the original song of Lee Juck's full album "Two Enemies," which was released in 2003. The song, which was written and released by Lee Jeok himself with his own story, has since been sung by many junior singers such as singers Huh Gak, Shin Hye-sung, Jung Seung-hwan, Sohyang, Onion & Kim Yeon-woo, Jung Eun-ji, Lee Chan-won, and Choi Ye-geun, and has been steadily loved across time.

The "Running in the Sky" version of "Hospital Playlist Season 2" features 12-string acoustic guitar riffs and lyrical piano performances that contain the atmosphere of the drama. With the addition of heavy drums and bass rhythm lines, it is expected to be reborn as a song with a different feeling than before.
This time, HYNN (Park Hye-won) completed a solid OST lineup by joining after Lee Moo-jin, Jang Bum-joon, TWICE, Kim Dae-myung, Cho Jung-seok, Yoo Yeon-seok, Jung Kyung-ho, and Seventeen, who previously sang OST.

The OST Part 11 "Running in the Sky," sung by HYNN (Park Hye-won), will be released on major domestic music sites at noon on the 10th.

Meanwhile, tvN's "Hospital Playlist Season 2" airs every Thursday night at 9 p.m.


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