Fragrance from 'XX' is available in reality
Fragrance from 'XX' is available in reality
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Chalie Park] You can smell the scent of Hwang Seungun, Bae Inhyuk and Lee Jongwon of the web drama 'XX' in reality.

'XX' is a web drama co-produced by Playlist and MBC. It's about the head bartender Nana(Hani) of Speakeasy Bar who unintentionally solves the problem of the couple around her and recovers from the hurt of her past relationship. 

Nearest but lost (Nearest), a fragrance studio run Wang Jungden(Lee Jongwon), has been on sale at Olive Young nationwide since February 1. 

The perfume was planned and developed by Playlist, the producing company of the drama. Each fragrance was inspired by four characters of the drama, Jungden, Nana, Rumi and Danny. Jongwon participated in character analysis to perfuming process, artworks and naming of the perfume. 

'XX' is broadcasted on MBC every Friday at 12:50 AM KST. Every Wednesday, Thursday at 7:00 pm Naver V Original will be available in public, and will be aired on YouTube and Facebook.


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