PURPLE KISS comeback with 2nd mini-album "HIDE & SEEK"
PURPLE KISS comeback with 2nd mini-album "HIDE & SEEK"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Girl group Purple Kiss will make a comeback on September 8th by transforming into a "High Teen Zombie."

Purple Kiss (Park Ji-eun, Na Go-eun, City, Ire, Yuki, Chaein, Suan) will release its second mini-album "HIDE & SEK" (Hyd & Chic) at 6 p.m. today (8th).

The title song "Zombie" features an aggregated base sound and a funky guitar sound. The refreshing melody line boasts strong addiction. The atmosphere that escalates toward the witty chorus and highlights gives you a fresh sense of liberation.
The humorous lyrics expressing the chased and chased relationship with the person you like as if a zombie were playing tag are also impressive. In particular, Purple Kiss will transform into a seven-member, seven-colored "high-teen zombie" and spread the force majeure charm of Purple Kiss to the music industry this fall, just as it is transmitted when zombies bite someone.

Hitmakers Kim Do-hoon and Kang Ji-won participated in the lyrics and composition, while members Yuki, ONEWE's Cya, and rapper Baysik wrote lyrics to complete their own honest and witty track.

In addition, "HIDE & SEK" expresses a thrilling night when all members can't fall asleep (2 am), "Cast pearls before wine" citing proverbs in confident and honest lyrics, "So Why" with member Chae-in's self-composed and a funky rhythm, and romantic summer jewel atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Purple Kiss's new mini-album "HIDE & SEK" will be released simultaneously around the world at 6 p.m. today (8th).


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