MONSTA X released a teaser for their new song "One Day"
MONSTA X released a teaser for their new song "One Day"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] The group MONSTA X heralded its epic acting skills.

On the 9th, a teaser video of the new single "One Day" was released on MONSTA X's official SNS channel.

The released teaser video begins with curious props such as rings and watches falling on the desk, and features Monsta X as if recalling the past through a black-and-white mood.
MONSTA X, which was selected as the "2020 K-pop Representative Songs and Albums" by Time magazine with its first full album "ALL ABOUT LUV" released in February last year, and Pop Crush's "2020 Best Album 25" and ranked in the top 10 Billboard charts.  

MONSTA X, who released a new song in the U.S. for the first time in about a year and seven months following "ALL ABOUT LUV," plans to put down their charisma on stage through "One Day" for a while and show an unrivaled sensibility.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X's 'One Day' will be available on music sites around the world on the 10th.


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