Netflix 'Paik's Spirit' to be released on October 1st
Netflix 'Paik's Spirit' to be released on October 1st
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Netflix will release "Paik's Spirit," a story about Baek Jong-won, alcohol, and people, to the world on October 1.

Baek Jong-won, a leading Korean culinary researcher and restaurant businessman, will meet viewers around the world on October 1st through "Paik's Spirit." "Paik's Spirit" is a Netflix series in which Baek Jong-won meets people from various fields representing Korea and talks about everything and life about alcohol that he didn't know about under the theme of other Korean alcohol.   

Baek Jong-won plans to stimulate the five senses by introducing and tasting soju and beer, which are familiar liquor closest to our daily lives, traditional liquor made of various ingredients and styles, and foods that are good to eat together. In addition, the scene of sincere conversation with various guests, including singers Park Jae-beom and Loco, actors Han Ji-min, Lee Joon-ki, producer Na Young-seok, volleyball player Kim Yeon-kyung and actor Kim Hee-ae, will give you a unique experience as if you are drinking over the screen.

The poster, which was released, captures the images of Baek Jong-won and the guests sitting face to face and drinking cups in colorful colors, drawing attention. The meeting between the production team of Street Food Fighter, which captivated viewers with its excellent visual beauty, and Netflix, which is loved for various cooking contents such as "Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat" and "The Chef Show," is enough to stimulate interest.  

"Paik's Spirit" is scheduled to be released to more than 190 countries around the world only on Netflix on October 1.


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