NCT 127 new track video for "Dreamer"
NCT 127 new track video for "Dreamer"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] The group NCT 127 will perform a cheerful healing song with "Dreamer" from their third regular album.

The new song "Dreamer" in this album is an uptempo pop dance song with a cool brass and rhythmical band sound that makes you feel cheerful, and the hopeful lyrics are impressive to forget all your worries and dream and enjoy together.

In addition, the track video of "Dreamer" will be released on NCT 127's official SNS account at midnight on the 4th, and the bright and warm charms of the members combined with the new song will be met, raising expectations for the new album.

In addition, the new song "Breakfast" in the album is an uptempo future house dance song featuring rhythmical bass lines and synth sounds, depicting the ecstatic feeling of wanting to stay with a loved one until the morning dawn.

"Far," which is included together, is a pop dance song that provides intense energy with track sound and FX source that creates a grand feeling and contains a strong ambition to go beyond space for dreams without paying attention to others' eyes.

Meanwhile, NCT 127's third full album "Sticker" contains a total of 11 songs, including the addictive title song "Sticker," and all songs will be released on various music sites at 1 p.m. on September 17.


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