BLACKPINK Lisa tracklist for the solo album 'LALISA' is released
BLACKPINK Lisa tracklist for the solo album 'LALISA' is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] BLACKPINK Lisa's first solo single album "LALISA" tracklist was released on the 6th.
Photo = YG Entertainment
Photo = YG Entertainment

According to YG Entertainment, Lisa's solo single album contains two songs, "LALISA" and "MONEY." Including the instrumental version, there are a total of four tracks.

YG Black Label's representative producer TEDDY, 24, Bekah BOOM, R Tee, and Vince were listed as lyricists, composers, and arrangers, respectively.

Attention is focusing on how many mega-hit songs such as BLACKPINK's "Whistle," "Kill This Love," and "Pretty Savage" would have synergized with "Solo Artist" Lisa.
Lisa's solo album 'LALISA' will be released on September 10. The song will be released at 0 p.m. Eastern time and 1 p.m. Korean time. He plans to meet his fans first with "Countdown Live," which will be broadcasted on Naver V LIVE and TikTok from midnight (KST), an hour before this.


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